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Wondering why everyone is so obsessed with their new spottle glass bottle? Then you've come to the right place: spottle glass bottles with their high-quality protective covers made of sustainable silicone or environmentally friendly neoprene are much more than just simple glass drinking bottles. They are the perfect companion for everyday life - like soul mates. A spottle glass bottle is a magical accumulation of small details that together feel like luxury. Our unique protective sleeves are like the perfect t-shirt for a water bottle. Soft and pretty at the same time, suitable and true to size in every situation, available in many different colours. They are easy to care for and ideal for traveling. You just can't help but love them. Cute, elegant and above all reusable as often as you like! A glass bottle has never felt so good!

Glass drinking bottles with neoprene cover

The well-fitting neoprene protective cover, which can be easily removed at will, offers a comfortable feeling when carried and protects the glass bottle from abrasions and impacts. The glass drinking bottle can be carried comfortably on the loop of the neoprene cover and is therefore ideal for on the go.

When using hot drinks, the neoprene sleeve protects hands from heat and also provides a slight thermal effect. The spottle glass drinking bottles with neoprene covers are currently available in sizes of 360ml, 550ml, 750ml or 1 liter and therefore offer the ideal variant for everyone. The many different colors give the bottle a beautiful and subtle look and are therefore suitable for every occasion.

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spottle drinking bottles made of glass with a silicone cover

Quality and diversity in every aspect! The specially developed and perfectly fitting protective cover made of silicone gives the glass bottle a unique look and also protects the bottle from breaking. Our silicone case is made of food-grade silicone, which creates a particularly high-quality and secure feeling when worn - even with wet or sweaty hands during sports! With the subtle milliliter scale on the outside, you always have an exact overview of how much liquid is still in the glass bottle or how much liquid you have already consumed. Unlike the neoprene cover, there is no carrying strap on the silicone cover, but the glass bottles with the silicone cover have these on the high-quality stainless steel lid, which allows for easy and comfortable transport of the glass drinking bottle.

Glass bottle with silicone sleeve by spottle

Versatile and easy to care for: Thanks to its narrow design, the spottle glass bottle with the protective cover made of silicone in the size of 550ml fits well in handbags or in drink holders. For all those who prefer a little more capacity, the 750ml or 1 liter versions are available. The silicone sleeve can be removed from the glass bottle before cleaning - but it doesn't have to be. Just like the glass bottle itself, the high-quality silicone protective cover is also dishwasher-safe.

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Glass bottles for drinking from spottle

Glass bottles with protective covers are more than just a trend, it's more about a statement that is made. Spottle offers the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to stand out from basic plastic or stainless steel bottles and recognizes the many advantages of glass bottles. True to the motto: Pay attention to your environment, only give your body what it deserves and don't make any compromises!

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advantages +

+ Our glass bottles are well protected by the high-quality protective covers made of food grade silicone or environmentally friendly neoprene

+ Glass drinking bottles from spottle can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher, even for the silicone case a wash in the dishwasher is no problem. The neoprene cover can easily be cleaned in the washing machine

+ The aesthetics of a spottle glass bottle is second to none. Plastic drinking bottles are simply not up to date anymore

+ In the future you will save the money for disposable plastic bottles and no longer have to lug water crates home

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  • Marie

    Ich musste zu Beginn etwas lachen als ich die Einleitung von diesem Blog gelesen hatte. Schlussendlich gab ich der Marke allerdings eine Chance und muss nun zugeben das ich mir ein Leben ohne meine spottle Glasflasche nicht mehr vorstellen könnte.

    Bei der Flasche stimmt einfach alles! Highly recommended <3

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