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Sustainability that looks unique!

Learn more about meaningful branding on glass bottles.

Print your logo or slogan on drinking bottles and present your company in an appealing way. With spottle you can design long-lasting, robust and sustainable drinking bottles in no time at all. Have glass drinking bottles printed and create individualized and unique drinking bottles as advertising material.

Printing on glass drinking bottles

High-quality solid color screen printing

Our screen printing method is ideal for a wide range of designs, from simple company logos to full-color artwork. With this technique, each color is printed separately as a solid spot color, ensuring precision and vibrant results. You can provide us with different Pantone or HKS color codes for the design. Screen printing can be done using both high-temperature and low-temperature inks, providing versatility and flexibility in achieving your wished results. Rest assured, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life with our top-quality screen printing services.

Screen printing on glass water bottles.

Made in Germany

We understand that being close to our customers is essential for a successful business relationship. That's why we cooperate closely with an experienced screen printing company in Bavaria that specializes in printing on glassware. Thanks to their advanced screen printing technology and professional handling, we can guarantee that every print on our glass drinking bottles meets the highest quality standards. Our office and warehouse are located close to Germany in Salzburg, Austria. It allows us to ensure fast supply chains and offer quick and reliable processing of orders throughout Europe.


First-class screen printing in solid colors

Whether simple company logos or full-surface designs - with our screen printing we can implement almost all individual customer requests. Each color is printed individually and precisely using the screen printing process as a solid color. You have the option of sending us Pantone or HKS color values ​​for each color of your design. Our screen printing enables the use of high and low temperature colors to achieve an optimal result.

Details & Examples of High-Temperature vs. Low-Temperature Firing

Screen printing with high-temperature firing

With this particular approach, we use ceramic inks that are fired at temperatures ranging from 630 to 660°C. During this process, the ceramic ink particles fuse with the glaze on the glass surface. Advantages: The resulting print is highly scratch-resistant, and there is an extremely strong fusion between the surface material (the glass) and the color pigments (the imprint). Disadvantages: The limited range of colors that can be achieved. Colors like magenta and pure cyan may not be implementable.

Screen printing with low temperature firing

In this method, we use organic inks that cure at around 200°C without chemically bonding to the material. Advantages: These inks provide high color accuracy and a color range similar to printing on paper. They can effectively achieve colors like cyan and magenta. Disadvantages: Prints made with organic inks may not be completely scratch-resistant (can be scratched by a sharp object).


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the possibility of having a wide range of designs printed on our drinking bottles. Whether it is a simple company logo or an elaborate, full-surface design - our screen printing technology enables a wide range of designs to suit individual customer requirements.

Yes, we are happy to consider your color preferences. You have the option of sending us Pantone or HKS color values ​​for each color in your design. This way we can guarantee that your color specifications will be implemented precisely.

Yes, we offer the option of customizing your drinking bottles. Whether you want to have a multi-colored logo printed on glass bottles or have a special design in mind for your drinking bottles, our high-quality printing technology guarantees an optimal result.

We are able to provide glass bottles with individual printing starting from a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces.

Depending on how you want to print your drinking bottles, the delivery time is 3-4 weeks from order confirmation.

Yes, you can request a sample. If you would like a printed sample with your own design, it is called a proof sample. The price for a proof sample will be determined based on your specific design and printing method.

Yes, glass bottles with custom prints are generally dishwasher safe. However, it's important to keep in mind that some home dishwashers with longer and more intense cycles may cause the prints to fade or deteriorate faster due to the exposure to alkaline solutions.

Yes, we also offer personalized printing options. For example, different names on the bottles.

Yes, it is possible to engrave the bottle cap. An engraving on the cap gives the bottle a special elegance and looks extremely high-quality. Find out more about engraved drinking bottles here.

The customization and printing of our glass water bottles take place in southern Bavaria, Germany.

At spottle we chose glass because it offers many advantages. Our glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass. This is not only robust and durable, but also tasteless and hygienic as it can be cleaned at high temperatures. It preserves the freshness and taste of your drink without releasing particles (BPA) or flavors, as can be the case with some plastic or stainless steel water bottles. Glass is also environmentally friendly as it is easily recyclable.

By having your drinking bottles printed with your logo, you create an effective way to present your brand and make your company better known. Personalized drinking bottles not only serve as practical advertising media, but also as useful gifts for employees, customers and business partners. Your logo on the drinking bottles enables increased visibility at events, trade fairs or in everyday life, which ultimately increases brand awareness and leaves a positive impression due to the good quality of our drinking bottles.

Yes, printed drinking bottles are excellent promotional gifts. Water bottles that we personalize for you can be distributed at trade fairs or other events to increase the visibility of your company. Your company will be remembered every time it is used.

The choice of the size of your drinking bottles depends entirely on your target group and needs. We offer sustainable drinking bottles in three different sizes: 550ml, 750ml or 1 liter. Click here to see our price lists .

The process of customization

Customized to your vision and needs. Learn more about the process and possibilities of individually designed glass water bottles.

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