Verschiedenfarbige Silikon-Flaschenbürsten liegen auf einer hellen Arbeitsplatte in der Küche. Verschiedenfarbige Flaschenbürsten aus Silikon liegen auf einer hellen Arbeitsplatte in der Küche.

Silicone bottle brush

Effortless cleaning: discover the versatility of our silicone bottle brush
    Do you have a water bottle that you use every day? Now you're looking for a handy kitchen tool to clean your water bottle without much effort? At spottle we offer a range of brushes to clean your water bottle. Take a look at our assortment.

    Silicone bottle brush: Make Your Drinking Bottles Sparkling Clean Again

    Do you know this feeling too: Your water bottle gets used daily, but it never seems to get really clean in the dishwasher. That's why many people prefer to clean their water bottles by hand under running water. Stuffing a dishcloth into the bottle often doesn't achieve the desired result. That's why we offer beautiful bottle brushes for easy cleaning and maintenance of our water bottles. With our cleaning brushes, you can effortlessly clean your water bottle with a little dish soap and warm water by scrubbing it thoroughly. Your favourite bottle will be clean again and you'll be happy to use it every day.

    Available in two sizes

    Practical cleaning brush made of silicone

    Our handy dish brushes come in different sizes. The smaller model is 32cm long and 5cm in diameter. This makes it ideal for cleaning smaller water bottles. You can reach all areas and easily scrub the bottom of the bottle. Made from silicone, it's exceptionally soft. The flexible silicone allows you to insert the bottle brush through the bottle opening with ease and without scratching the bottle. Alternatively, we also offer a longer bottle brush. This is 42cm long with the same diameter of 5cm. With this brush you can easily clean our larger 1,5L or 2L bottles. The flexible silicone material also allows you to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas that previously seemed unreachable.

    Schwarze Silikon-Reinigungsbürste reinigt eine Glasflasche. Die Bürste sieht hochwertig aus.
    Silikon-Reinigungsbürste in Grau, ideal für die Reinigung von Flaschen. Der abnehmbare Bürstenkopf wird unter laufendem Wasser abgespült.
    Detachable brush head for hygienic freshness

    Universal dishwashing brush in modern colors

    Our bottle brushes are designed to make cleaning easy and convenient. But we didn't just think about cleaning the bottles, we also thought about the care and storage of the brushes. The brush head is detachable so you can easily wash it in the dishwasher or, if you prefer, soak it in boiling water to keep them hygienic for longer. And the brushes look good too! Available in two contemporary colours - black and nude grey - they look great in any kitchen. Black is timeless and universal, while nude grey offers an elegant alternative. Both models have a handy cut-out in the handle, so you can hang them up easily and use them as kitchen tools at the same time.

    Frequently asked questions about our flexible silicone brushes

    Our bottle cleaning brushes are made from food-grade silicone because it is particularly gentle. Some water bottles are delicate and should only be cleaned with special brushes to avoid scratching the inside surface.

    A silicone bottle brush is naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean, making our bottle brushes the most hygienic option compared to other brushes made from materials such as nylon or bristles, as silicone is less susceptible to bacterial growth.

    Yes, it's safe to dishwash to ensure it gets thoroughly cleaned.

    Yes, our brushes are BPA-free. We only use food-grade silicone for our products, which is suitable for use in the food industry.

    To ensure the stability of the bottle brush, it has a stainless steel core. This provides stability during use, allowing even "stubborn" dirt to be effortlessly removed. We intentionally combine silicone and stainless steel to give you the best of both worlds.

    Absolutely. A silicone bottle brush provides a sustainable alternative to conventional brushes. Unlike traditional options (like sponge brushes), silicone brushes are durable, long-lasting, and reusable, significantly reducing waste. This environmentally friendly choice is in line with efforts to minimise environmental impact.