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Drinking bottles for carbonated beverages

    Looking for the ultimate bottle for carbonated drinks? Look no further than spottle - it's our speciality. Our glass bottles are not only durable and temperature resistant, they're also optimised for carbonated drinks. We offer more than just a basic drinking bottle; we offer a solution designed specifically for carbonated beverages that will take your drinking experience to new heights.

    Safety and quality come first

    spottle stands not only for design, but also for quality and sustainability. Each of our water bottles is made from durable, LFGB-certified glass, known for its ability to withstand rapid temperature changes with ease. Complemented by a high-quality cap made from natural materials such as stainless steel or bamboo, our bottles are not only leak-proof, but also suitable for carbonated drinks such as mineral water and more.

    Fizzing with enthusiasm: Water bottles for carbonation lovers

    At spottle, we're all about innovation and quality in our water bottles. An extra-reinforced bottle bottom ensures they effortlessly withstand the pressure of carbonation, where other glass bottles might fail. But that's not all! Our outstanding cap guarantees that the bottle remains drip-proof despite the carbonation, preventing any leaks.

    A sparkling experience without compromise – that's our promise to you! With spottle, you're not just choosing functionality; you're also opting for a product that excels in safety and design. Whether you're out and about, at the gym, or while traveling, our water bottle is always there for you, ready to keep you hydrated.


    Still water vs. carbonated water

    Water is so much more than just H2O! While still water is often seen as the purest thirst quencher, many appreciate the fizzy sensation and taste of carbonated water. But are there differences from a health perspective? Some studies suggest that carbonated water may aid digestion and possibly promote feelings of satiety, making it a great choice for those trying to control their weight. On the other hand, still water is gentler on the stomach and may be better suited for those sensitive to carbonation.

    No matter which option you choose, you're always well-equipped with a spottle water bottle! Whether it's still or sparkling water, our bottles are designed to securely preserve your drinks. At spottle, it's not just about the product itself, but also about your entire experience with us! Our ordering process is simple and understandable, and our dedicated customer service team is ready to answer all your questions – we always put the customer first!

    Frequently asked questions about our bottle for carbonated water

    spottle water bottles are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a healthier, more environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated. Not only are they BPA-free, but they're also made from high-quality glass, which is more durable and sustainable than plastic. Plus, they're suitable for carbonated drinks and keep your beverages fresher for longer.

    Glass bottles vary in thickness and quality, with some being more prone to breakage or shattering when exposed to the pressure of carbonated drinks. Additionally, certain manufacturing processes may not reinforce the glass adequately to withstand the internal pressure from carbonation. spottle glass bottles are specifically designed for carbonation, so you can enjoy your fizzy drinks without worrying about breakage or leakage.

    Borosilicate glass is known for its resistance to temperature changes and chemical corrosion. It is more robust than conventional glass and can easily withstand the pressure of carbonated beverages.

    Absolutely! spottle water bottles are more than just a practical product. Made from high-quality, durable glass, they withstand the challenges of your daily life. They are the perfect choice for everyday use, whether you are exercising, at the office or travelling.

    Cleaning your spottle bottle is simple and effortless. You can clean it in the dishwasher without a second thought. Its durable material ensures that it retains its quality and gloss even after numerous cycles in the dishwasher.

    Yes, the spottle bottles are the ultimate in quality and durability. Made from high-quality materials, they are robust and durable. They are resistant to temperature changes, making them ideal for both hot and cold drinks.

    Yes, we offer a range of replacement parts for our drinking bottles. For example, you can purchase additional caps and protective sleeves in different designs to personalise your spottle bottle.

    For the caps of our spottle water bottles, we use either stainless steel or bamboo. Both materials are sturdy, durable, and provide a secure seal to prevent any leakage from the bottle.