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Gifts for employees

A gesture of appreciation that is sure to bring joy to your employees

Are you looking for original and sustainable gifts for your employees? With us you will find exactly what you are looking for: high-quality glass drinking bottles that are perfect as a gift for employees. They serve as an expressive present that shows your appreciation for your colleagues and at the same time represents a statement of your commitment to sustainability. Every employer knows how important it is to pay attention to employees and colleagues and to honor their achievements. With our durable drinking bottles made of borosilicate glass you can achieve just that. Whether as a small gift of appreciation, as a birthday present or for Christmas presents for employees - spottle offers you great gift ideas for every occasion.


Unique design

Precise and high-quality screen printing can express your brand message in a powerful way. By presenting your logo on our glass bottles, they become not only a practical accessory, but also a strong representative of your brand. This turns every employee gift into an impressive brand ambassador - whether in the office or outside.


A touch of exclusivity

A detail that brings joy. With an elegant laser engraving of your company logo on the lid, you can underline the quality of your company and increase the recognition value of your brand. When producing your employee gifts, we ensure that every single item is perfectly processed.


Matching your corporate identity

To ensure consistent brand presence, we match the color of each water bottle's protective sleeve to your specific PANTONE® color code and print it with your logo or design. This ensures that each employee gift reflects your corporate identity and creates a harmonious impression.


Individual & distinctive

Complete the perfect gift for your employees with sustainable gift packaging designed by you. Add a thank you note to the packaging and give each bottle a personal touch. This way you get completely individual employee gifts: from the glass drinking bottle to the packaging - everything is tailored to your wishes and corporate identity.

Unique drinking bottles from spottle – your advantages


From design to delivery

We make it easy for you to create impressive corporate gifts for your employees. From the initial design phase to coordinating the details and delivering the finished drinking bottles, we ensure everything runs smoothly. Our dedicated employees are always available to answer your questions and implement your design ideas.


Show appreciation for your employees

From welcoming new team members to birthdays or company celebrations - targeted gifts are perfect for strengthening loyalty and helping employees feel comfortable in and with your company. Personalized with your company logo as an advertising effect, you offer your employees and colleagues a high-quality gift and show lasting appreciation.


Sustainability that inspires

At a time when environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important, reusable drinking bottles send a strong message. With this sustainable gift idea, you show that your company is taking responsibility and making an active contribution to environmental protection. This way, you convey to your employees that you not only appreciate their efforts, but also make a statement for sustainability.

Receive company gifts for employees

Simply contact us at or use the inquiry form below. Tell us your desired quantity and personalization ideas and we will create a free preview of your individually designed drinking bottles, whether with printing or engraving.

Our dedicated team will work through your wishes and ideas and visualize what your personalized glass bottles could look like. Every detail is taken into account to ensure that your employee gifts meet your expectations.

We take the time to discuss all the details with you and make sure your personalized employee gifts are perfect. Once you are happy with the design, we will send you a no-obligation quote with all the details discussed.

We will keep you updated throughout the production process and let you know as soon as your personalized employee gifts are ready to ship.

Receive your unique, sustainable employee gifts that impress with high-quality materials and subtle design. Show your commitment to the environment with these glass bottles and stand out from conventional gifts. Your employees will appreciate the positive signal!

Frequently asked questions about our corporate gifts for employees

Yes, spottle glass bottles are a perfect gift for employees. Not only are they practical in everyday work life, but they are also a brilliant way to show your appreciation and commitment to sustainability.

High-quality drinking bottles made of glass not only stand for quality, but also symbolize sustainability and conscious action. If you choose such a bottle as a company gift for your employees, you are not only expressing appreciation, but also emphasizing the importance of environmental awareness and health. It is more than just a gift - it is a statement that shows that you are committed to the well-being of your employees and the planet.

Christmas presents often play an important role for employees and leave a lasting impression. With the individually designed glass bottles from spottle, you have a Christmas present for employees that is not only a practical utensil, but also a symbol of appreciation. The bottles, which employees can proudly use in their free time, promote a positive bond with the company. Such a present not only demonstrates recognition of their work, but also strengthens team spirit. When you present it at the company's own Christmas party, you set a special highlight and round off the business year in a personal way.

Yes, you can implement all your gift ideas at spottle. spottle does everything it can to skilfully stage your special company anniversary with individual glass bottles. Thanks to the wide range of customization options, almost all ideas for gifts can be implemented, even if they are particularly unusual and creative. Glass drinking bottles from spottle are not only a practical gift for everyday life that brings a lot of joy, but also a personal gesture that appreciates the uniqueness of each employee. Such a thoughtful present not only leaves a lasting impression, but also emphasizes the importance of special milestones in a professional career.

Of course! Personalized drinking bottles are much more than just thirst quenchers. With a customized design, they are transformed into unique brand ambassadors that reflect creativity and innovation. It is not only a practical gift, but also a daily companion that will always remind customers and business partners of your company in a positive way.

Yes, there are. If small gifts to employees are subject to the 50 euro limit, they are considered non-cash benefits and are therefore exempt from tax and social security contributions. However, these cannot be cash or vouchers, as these can be paid out in cash. These would be subject to tax. Glass drinking bottles from spottle are well below the exemption limit and are therefore ideal as original gifts for employees.

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