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Glass bottle 1L

Buy sustainable 1L glass bottles online: The environmentally friendly choice for your everyday life
    spottle offers you the perfect companion for your everyday life: our durable 1 liter glass drinking bottles. The attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PET bottles. Available with a stylish silicone sleeve or a practical neoprene sleeve with hand strap.

    Sustainability and quality combined

    Our 1-liter glass water bottle offers both sustainability and quality. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, it's suitable even for carbonated drinks. Plus, being BPA-free, it's perfect for daily use. Cleaning is a breeze too, as all our bottles are dishwasher safe. Opting for our 1-liter glass bottle means choosing a high-quality, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

    Impressive design and functionality

    The initial impression of our 1-liter glass bottles is defined by their timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship. You can opt for either a natural bamboo or durable stainless steel cap, both of which offer a leak-proof seal, showcasing the premium quality of our products. Furthermore, we offer different protective sleeves, transforming your 1-liter glass drinking bottle into a visually appealing accessory while also providing a comfortable grip.

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    Your online shopping experience at spottle

    At spottle, we prioritize ensuring a positive online shopping experience centered around you, the customer. Our online store offers a wide range of 1-liter glass drinking bottles and other accessories, all conveniently available for ordering from your home. Navigating through our clearly structured website swiftly leads you to your desired product, supported by detailed product descriptions for informed decision-making. Should you have any queries, our customer service team is readily available to assist you every step of the way. Once you've made your choice, secure and convenient online payment options are provided.

    We promptly process your order and ensure secure packaging for safe delivery of your product, maintaining its integrity throughout transit. Our commitment to service extends beyond shipping – should you encounter any questions or issues, our dedicated customer service team remains at your disposal. At spottle, we not only offer top-notch products but also deliver exceptional service, ensuring your happiness every time.

    Frequently asked questions about our 1 liter glass bottles

    Choosing a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle offers numerous advantages. Glass drinking bottles are more environmentally friendly, more durable and do not influence the taste of the drinks. Unlike plastic bottles, which can release potentially harmful components such as BPA and plasticizers into drinks, drinks in glass bottles remain tasteless and safe. All spottle glass bottles are LFGB certified, which ensures their high quality and safety.

    Yes, thanks to the specially designed cap of the 1L glass bottle, it is completely leak-proof. It is ideal for taking with you, be it in your handbag, backpack or in the car. With the precisely fitting screw cap, you don't have to worry about liquids leaking out.

    Absolutely, our glass bottles are suitable for all types of drinks. From refreshing tap water to carbonated drinks. The robust borosilicate glass ensures that spottle bottles are a perfect choice for everyday use with no limitations.

    Yes, due to the borosilicate glass from which our glass bottles are made, they can easily withstand rapid temperature changes. From refreshing cold carbonated drinks to warm or even hot tea, there are no restrictions.

    Yes, thanks to the available protective sleeves made of silicone or neoprene, spottle glass bottles are ideally protected. This makes them the perfect companion for sports, hiking, traveling or everyday use. This additional protection in particular makes them ideal for an active lifestyle.

    Our 1-liter glass bottles are meticulously designed for both user convenience and durability. We've crafted them to weigh approximately 500 grams, ensuring they strike the perfect balance between stability for daily use and ease of transport. This thoughtful weight consideration guarantees that spottle glass bottles remain steadfast companions for your daily routines while remaining effortlessly portable. The perfect balance between function and comfort.

    Yes definitely. In addition to the popular 1l glass bottle, we also offer smaller models with 550ml and 750ml as well as a larger version with a 1,5 liter filling volume. Choose the size that best suits your drinking needs.