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Water bottles for sports

Sports bottles: your trusty companion for ultimate performance!
    Stay both hydrated and stylish with a sport water bottle from spottle. Crafted from premium materials, our glass bottles are the ideal companion for your active lifestyle and sporting adventures.

    Sports drinking bottle made of glass: Sustainable & stylish

    Get ready to elevate your hydration game with spottle cutting-edge glass sport water bottles! These bottles are designed to fuel your active lifestyle, and they're not just stylish – they champion sustainability, leaving plastic alternatives behind. Say goodbye to BPA and plasticizers with our high-quality glass bottles. All spottle bottles are features with caps made from natural bamboo or stainless steel. Some models come with a protective neoprene sleeve for added convenience, while others come with a silicone sleeve, which provides great grip even with wet hands – perfect for using while training!

    The perfect companion for every activity

    Our sports water bottle is the perfect choice for all your adventures! Whether you're hitting the gym, enjoying a yoga session, or going on a long hike, this bottle is there for you. Available in sizes: 550ml , 750ml , 1 liter and even 1,5 liters, they're made to suit all your needs. The compact and ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand and is designed to easily fit in sports bags and backpacks. With a leak-proof cap, you don't have to worry about spills.

    Thanks to the borosilicate glass bottles are made from, they keep your drinks taste-neutral, so you can enjoy them without any lingering flavours or odours from previous fillings. The heat-resistant nature of the glass also allows you to fill the bottle with boiling hot drinks as well as with iced-cold refreshing beverages.

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    Sports water bottle: Order conveniently online

    We're thrilled to offer you the convenience of ordering your sports water bottle online on our website! Our user-friendly online shopping experience and reliable customer service are just two of the many reasons to choose us. And the fast delivery is another advantage we offer our customers. You can choose your bottle in many different colours and be sure that it will be delivered directly to your home in perfect condition.

    And if you have any questions, our customer service team is ready to help you. We're here to help you choose the perfect sports bottle for your needs and answer any questions you may have about care and cleaning. spottle sports drinking bottles are the perfect way to take your training to the next level. With so many ways to personalise your bottle, you can truly make it your own. And with the safety and reliability that spottle water bottles offer, you can focus on what matters most: your performance!

    Frequently asked questions about our sport drinking bottle

    Absolutely! spottle durable glass bottles are an ideal option for children. They provide a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to plastic and aluminum bottles. Plus, they're free of harmful substances and tasteless, making them perfect for everyday use.

    spottle offers a variety of sizes to suit every adventure and every need. You can choose from 550ml, 750ml, 1 liter and 1,5 liters. So you can stay hydrated during your sports or everyday activities.

    Yes, drinking from glass bottles is generally considered healthier as glass does not leach harmful chemicals into the contents like some other materials might. They're also easy to clean and maintain, providing a consistently fresh and pure drinking experience. Plus, glass is recyclable and environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable choice for both your health and the planet.

    Yes, definitely! Some models of spottle drinking bottles come with a protective sleeve made of neoprene. This not only offers additional protection against impacts, but also good insulation to keep your drink at the right temperature.

    Yes, they are! spottle's glass bottles are heat-resistant and suitable for hot drinks. The high-quality glass ensures your drink stays at the optimum temperature and doesn't affect the taste.

    The caps on the spottle drinking bottles are made from either natural bamboo or stainless steel. Both materials are durable and provide a good seal to keep your drinks where they belong - inside the bottle.

    Yes, absolutely! The spottle water bottles are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is a breeze. This way you can focus on what's important - your workout and your hydration.