glasflaschen mit neoprenhuelle glasflasche mit neoprenhuelle

Glass bottle with neoprene sleeve from spottle

Choose from different colors and sizes: 550ml, 750ml, 1 liter or 1,5 liter
    Our glass bottles with neoprene sleeves offer a unique combination of quality and innovative design. Each water bottle is crafted from durable borosilicate glass under strict quality standards. Their slim shape ensures a perfect grip. With the matching protective sleeve and leak-proof cap, this product is the ideal companion for everyday use, whether at home or on the go.

    Glass bottle with neoprene sleeve – Also suitable for carbonated drinks

    We exclusively utilize premium materials for our products. All spottle glass bottles are crafted from borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability and stability. Borosilicate glass is not only odorless and tasteless but also heat-resistant, making our products an optimal choice. The neoprene sleeve ensures a secure grip and provides additional protection against impacts. Our high-quality bamboo or stainless steel caps come with a silicone sealing ring to prevent leaks, even with carbonated beverages. Explore more about our long-lasting and sustainable bottles with neoprene sleeve.

    Stylish and convenient protection: drinking bottle with a precisely fitting sleeve

    Made from pollutant-free neoprene, the sleeve not only reliably protects your glass bottle from wear but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. Thanks to its elastic nature, the sleeve precisely conforms to the shape of the bottle. Reinforced with double-stitched seams, it ensures long-lasting durability. The neoprene sleeve can be easily removed from the glass bottle and cleaned in the washing machine when needed. The convenient carrying loop allows for comfortable and easy transportation, making this product perfect for everyday use on the go. With a wide range of colors available, everyone can find a water bottle that suits their preferences. With our neoprene sleeve, your water bottle not only stays protected but also becomes a practical and stylish accessory for your daily adventures.


    Embrace sustainability: choose reusable glass bottles

    We aim to raise awareness about the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. Our glass bottles with neoprene sleeves not only offer quality and convenience but also contribute to environmental protection. By choosing our reusable glass bottles, you reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and actively contribute to environmental conservation. Moreover, our products are durable and robust, meaning they last longer and require fewer resources for manufacturing new bottles. Take a step towards sustainability and ensure that your drinking habits positively impact the environment.

    Choose a bottle with a protective sleeve from spottle today and enjoy the perfect combination of style, quality and sustainability in your everyday life. Thousands of satisfied customers have already made the switch. Become part of our mission for a greener future.

    Do you have any questions about our glass drinking bottles with neoprene sleeves? We have the answers!

    Glass bottles are environmentally friendly, reusable and do not leach harmful chemicals such as BPA into drinks. This means your drinks retain their genuine taste and are safe to consume.

    Yes, we use high-quality borosilicate glass and non-toxic neoprene, which makes our products durable and environmentally friendly.

    Yes, thanks to the leak-proof cap, our glass bottles are suitable for carbonated drinks.

    Yes, all of our drinking bottles are dishwasher-safe and can be washed in the dishwasher. The bottle can also be easily cleaned with warm water, a bottle brush and dish soap.

    Yes, the neoprene sleeve is easily removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine if necessary.

    Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the bottle is damaged within 30 days after being delivered, we will replace it or refund the purchase price. If you have any problems with your water bottle, our customer support team is always happy to help.

    Yes, that is possible. We have a wide range of single neoprene sleeves in different colors and sizes. We hope you find your desired color there. We also offer various replacement caps. You can find further information about our accessories here .

    Yes, we also produce individual drinking bottles with logos for companies. For example, as advertising items with a logo or gifts for employees . Here you will get an overview of the possibilities for personalization .