6 clever tips to drink more water every day

It is always said that you should drink a lot. But why? Well, our organism consists of around 70 percent water. Without this "fuel" almost nothing would function in our body.

Here is a brief overview of the water content in our body:

Naturally, the body also loses or uses up water – on average up to 3 liters a day. And that is normal consumption, without any particular physical strain such as sport. 1.5 liters of water are used just to maintain important bodily functions. So how do you manage to drink the necessary amount of water every day? We have summarized a few valuable tips here!

What happens if you drink too little water?

If you drink too little, you will not only notice it from your dry mouth or the feeling of thirst. Tiredness, concentration problems and a drop in performance are also often possible consequences. Severe dehydration can result in headaches, nausea, and even confusion.

So how much water should you drink a day?

As a rule of thumb, you should drink around 30 to 40 ml of water per kilogram of body weight every day. In other words: If you weigh 60 kilograms, your average daily water requirement is 2.1 liters (1.8 - 2.4 l). BUT PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: In summer and when you do a lot of sport, your need for fluids increases.

How do you manage to drink more water? 6 tips

Many people find it difficult to drink enough fluids every day. Because soft drinks, coffee and juices do not count as "water substitutes". But how do you manage to drink enough water regularly - despite time stress, appointments and the like?

Here are 6 tips for you, with which you can increase your water consumption and provide your body with enough liquid.

1. Don't drink until you're thirsty!

Even if it sounds a bit illogical at first, it is best not to drink something when you are already really thirsty, because then it is already a bit too late. Thirst is a kind of warning signal from the body to alert you to a deficit ("Hellooooo, more water please!").

It is best to start the day with one or even better two glasses of water in the morning, this gets your metabolism going and provides additional energy. A squeeze of lemon juice in the water not only adds flavor but also enhances the effect.

2. Have water to hand anytime, anywhere!

Out of sight, out of mind: This also applies to drinking. Therefore, there should always be a glass or carafe of water in your immediate vicinity. For many, this is exactly the reason why too little liquid is consumed.

So place enough supplies in every place where you regularly stay every day: A glass bottle by the bed often works wonders, a carafe on the desk or in the break room - this will automatically remind you to drink something. An additional drinking bottle also ensures that you always have water to go with you.

3. Use beautiful and stylish drinking paraphernalia!

If you want to motivate yourself to exercise, you like to buy chic, new sportswear as an incentive. The logic also works when drinking: To make point 2) even easier for you, you should treat yourself to a nice glass carafe, a large water glass and of course a new, stylish drinking bottle.

Let's take a look at our new glass drinking bottles with bamboo lids .

Because whether you believe it or not: You will automatically access it more often. The eye drinks too!

4. Pimp up the taste of water!

In the long run, there is probably nothing more boring than drinking pure water all the time. Therefore you can help both visually and tastefully:

Refine your water with fresh herbs such as mint, thyme and rosemary, preferably in combination with a few slices of lemon, orange or cucumber. Fresh berries are also good for this – everything that tastes good is allowed.

5. Have regular reminders to drink!

"When was the last time you had a sip of water?" A kind of "drinking buddy" can regularly remind you to drink a glass of water, take a sip from your water bottle or refill your carafe.

But it also works without peer support: free drinking apps can also regularly remind you to drink enough fluids. There are plenty of them – in the App Store and on Google Play, e.g. drinking water or hydro .

6. Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Point 6 is no longer actually about drinking, but we would still like to pass this tip on to you. We have listed our top 8 fruits and vegetables here, which all consist of over 90% water:

  1. Cucumber - 97 percent
  2. Watermelon - 96 percent
  3. Lettuce - 95 percent
  4. Tomatoes - 95 percent
  5. Radishes - 94 percent
  6. Rhubarb - 93 percent
  7. Asparagus - 93 percent
  8. Zucchini - 93 percent

So if you want to save a glass or two of water in between, you can occasionally simply use fruit and vegetables with a lot of water content. The water content in food is often underestimated, and it also provides us with valuable vitamins and trace elements.

So it's not that difficult to meet your daily water needs. With a few small but effective changes to your daily routine, drinking enough water every day is easy.

We wish you good luck!

AUTHOR: Kathleen Schmidt-Prange.
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