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glasflasche-550-ml-mit-silikonhuelle-hell-grau Nude grey #color_nude-grey
glasflasche-550-ml-deckel-bambus-grau #color_nude-grey
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glasflasche-550-ml-mit-schraubverschluss-petrol Petrol #color_petrol
glasflasche-550-ml-mit-silikonhuelle-petrol #color_petrol
glasflasche-550-ml-deckel-bambus-petrol #color_petrol
trinkflasche-glas-550-ml-petrol #color_petrol

Glass bottle with silicone sleeve & bamboo cap

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Product information & details - spottle bamboo cap

- Natural bamboo (outside)
- Stainless steel (inside)
- Plastic thread ( does not come into contact with the liquid)
- Sealing ring made of food-grade silicone (LFGB-certified)

- spottle glass drinking bottles in 360ml, 550ml, 750ml or 1 liter

- Please clean the cap by hand wash only
- To extend the usage of the cap, we recommend storing the cap separately from the bottle with the inside facing up when not in use to allow the cap to dry and to prevent the accumulation of moisture inside
- It is also recommended to change the sealing ring inside the cap from time to time