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glasflasche-550-ml-hell-grau #color_nude-grey
glasflasche-550-ml-mit-silikonhuelle-hell-grau Nude grey #color_nude-grey
glasflasche-550-ml-deckel-bambus-grau #color_nude-grey
glasflasche-550-ml-mit-schraubverschluss-grau #color_nude-grey
trinkflasche-glas-550-ml-grau #color_nude-grey
glasflasche-550-ml-petrol #color_petrol
glasflasche-550-ml-mit-schraubverschluss-petrol Petrol #color_petrol
glasflasche-550-ml-mit-silikonhuelle-petrol #color_petrol
glasflasche-550-ml-deckel-bambus-petrol #color_petrol
trinkflasche-glas-550-ml-petrol #color_petrol

Glass bottle with silicone sleeve & bamboo cap

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