Why glass drinking bottles?

No more buying single-use plastic bottles and boring glass drinking bottles. With its unique glass bottles, SPOTTLE ensures more quality of life, sustainability and a pleasant feeling when drinking at the same time. Our glass drinking bottles are the ideal solution for health-conscious people. The lid of our drinking bottles, the protective cover and of course the glass bottle itself are 100% free of harmful substances, PVC and BPA. As a result, all drinks retain their unadulterated taste and help you to drink more every day. SPOTTLE drinking bottles made of glass not only function as an ideal thirst quencher, but are also a real eye-catcher. Choose SPOTTLE, the perfect drinking bottle made of glass and benefit from the following advantages:

advantages +

+ 30 days satisfaction guarantee on all products
+ Glass drinking bottles are absolutely tasteless, so your drinks stay fresh longer
+ Free from BPA & harmful substances
+ Suitable for cold & hot drinks
+ You do something good for the environment
+ In the future you will no longer have to buy disposable plastic bottles
+ High quality materials
+ Transporting carbonated drinks is not a problem
+ Glass drinking bottles are very hygienic because they can be cleaned at high temperatures Dishwasher safe
      Glass drinking bottles are always reusable, thus protecting the environment and also contributing to a healthy lifestyle. BPA-free means that the glass drinking bottles do not contain any bisphenol A. They are therefore free of plasticizers, which can be found in plastics such as plastic bottles. There are no limits when using SPOTTLE glass bottles! It doesn't matter whether you like to enjoy your drink refreshingly cold with carbon dioxide or whether you want to pour boiling hot tea into your glass drinking bottle during the cold winter months. In addition, SPOTTLE glass drinking bottles are dishwasher safe, which ensures a long and clean SPOTTLE life. The various protective covers, optionally in neoprene or silicone, turn every SPOTTLE into a visual highlight. Make your choice - choose one of our stylish glass drinking bottles and make your life more sustainable and healthier!

      find your SPOTTLE-mate – available for every sip

      Once you've enjoyed a SPOTTLE glass bottle in everyday life, you won't want to use anything else. Taste neutrality when enjoying daily drinks plays a very important role for us, because a sip of juice with an unpleasant aftertaste is anything but tasty. With your SPOTTLE you have the opportunity to taste all types of drinks, be it at home, in the office or on the go. With our drinking bottles, we offer you the perfect companion for every day and thus a lot of enjoyment and pleasure when drinking your drinks. A genuine all-round talent for every taste. Buy your SPOTTLE glass drinking bottle and do something good for yourself.

      Be tasty - get tasty.

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